Racial Fitness and Survival

During the last sever our people, which have been covered up deliberately by the controlled news media so that the Jewish media bosses can more easily maintain their deception that so-called “hate crime” is primarily a matter of heterosexual White males preying on non-Whites, homosexuals, and members of other officially favored groups, and therefore we need to abolish the Bill of Rights so that everyone will be safe and comfortable. The crimes I have specifically called to your attention — for example, the Wichita massacre and the abduction, rape, and murder of Vickie McGraw in Shreveport — are crimes of such nature that by any objective standard they merit national news coverage, but instead of reporting these crimes, the media have covered them up, and from this fact I have drawn conclusions about the motivations of the media bosses.

Well, I could continue talking week after week about atrocious Black-on-White crimes covered up by the controlled media in order to strengthen my conclusion. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of such crimes to report. When I report these crimes against our people, or when I give examples of media cover-ups, I have a nagging concern that I will sound as if I’m whining. I complain about the things our enemies are doing to us, but I don’t do anything except complain. Or at least, I know that that is the way some people look at it. In fact, some people take a very negative view of the whole situation. They look at what is being done to us; they look at our almost total lack of resistance; they look at the behavior of the lemmings who collaborate enthusiastically with those who are destroying our race and our civilization; and then these observers throw up their hands and say, “My god, as a race we don’t deserve to survive!” In fact I received a letter a few days ago from a listener who has a strongly Darwinian point of view. He’s on our side, more or less, but he has quite a defeatist attitude. He wrote to me: Isn’t it true that if the European race weren’t so inferior to the Jews, we wouldn’t have ended up in this predicament in the first place? Hasn’t our race proved over and over again that we belong at the bottom of the racial ladder, existing only to serve the Jews? Hasn’t the White race proved over and over again that we deserve the genocide now being inflicted on us?

My correspondent goes on to provide evidence for his conclusion that our race has lost the struggle for survival and must, therefore, in the natural course of events, become extinct, like the saber-toothed tiger and the passenger pigeon before us. He points out that we no longer have a collective intelligence, a tribal feeling, or real leadership, and that without these essentials no race can survive. As things are going now, we can with reasonable certainty forecast a nightmare future: The Jewish propaganda coming from our television receivers will become more and more blatant, promoting multiculturalism, miscegenation, and White guilt and self-hatred ever more stridently. Our young women, in a mindless scramble to be fashionable and imitate what they see on their TV screens, will jerk, gyrate, and rap to an MTV beat with their Negro lovers. Our young men, increasingly soft and unmanly, will watch passively and largely without comprehension and then will turn back to their video games. The White working class and middle class will plunge even more deeply into credit-based consumerism and will hardly notice what the younger generation is doing, as long as the present economic prosperity, based on the technological innovations of fewer and fewer creative members of our race, holds out. The politicians will enact legislation making it a penal offense to speak out against the process of decay or the people behind it.

More and more non-White immigrants will continue flooding into America and into Europe, and nothing will be done to halt the flow, whether the Republicans or the Democrats, the Conservatives or the Laborites, are in office. Republicans and Conservatives will continue talking about such things as “restoring national pride,” “restoring excellence to education,” “getting the government off the backs of productive citizens,” and similar policies that appeal to the ever-hopeful and ever-credulous White citizens who have not yet joined the Clinton coalition or the Blair coalition, but in fact the government’s actual policies will remain nearly the same, regardless of the party in office.

When the economy does take a major downturn, the half of the population that receives a monthly check of one sort or another from the government will be kept in line with promises of an enhanced dole, and the politicized police agencies, armed with new “speech crime” and “hate crime” laws, will be poised to pounce instantly on anyone else who tries to rock the boat. The White birth rate will fall even further below the replacement level, while the number of mongrels of various shades born will continue rising. Finally, the hideously grinning Jew, who before remained behind the scenes rubbing his hands and gloating over his handiwork, will be able to step into the open and rule in his own name. Within a century our race will be gone, and, according to the fellow who wrote to me, there will be a natural justice in that outcome. In the long run, only the fit survive, and we have proved ourselves unfit.

I have heard similar arguments from other people. In some cases it is simply a cop-out, an excuse for giving up the struggle and doing nothing: “The war is already lost,” these people say. “Why should I take a chance on losing my job by speaking out now, when there is no longer any hope of racial survival?” In other cases people who are not really cowards are so discouraged by what they see around them that it’s difficult for them to put much energy or enthusiasm into a struggle they fear is hopeless. Perhaps for the sake of this latter group it is worth our time to look more closely at this matter of fitness and survival.

Fitness, of course, is not an absolute thing. It can be defined only in relation to a specific environment. An organism — or a race — that is superbly fit in one environment may be totally unfit in another. Furthermore, we must be careful in equating ability to survive with superiority. The passenger pigeon was surviving marvelously well in North America, it was flourishing in the environment here, until White men with firearms entered that environment and hunted the species to extinction. But many other species survived the intrusion of the White man into their environment: for example, the bacterium Clostridium tetani, the microorganism that causes tetanus. Is it correct, therefore, to say that Clostridium tetani is superior to the passenger pigeon? Perhaps, but only in a very limited sense: the former is still here, and the latter is extinct. And I have no doubt that if the White man put his mind to it, he could drive Clostridium tetani to extinction as he did with the virus that causes smallpox. In a broader sense, of course, it is meaningless to talk about such dissimilar organisms.

Similar considerations apply to questions about the relative fitness of our own race and the Jews. For a very long time the Jews have lived in a symbiotic relationship with non-Jews — more than 3000 years, if one includes the relationship between the Jews and the ancient Egyptians. During most of the relationships between Jews and non-Jews, the Jews have lived as a marginalized minority, hated and mistrusted by the non-Jews but tolerated because of the Jews’ commercial and financial usefulness.

Relationships of this sort were accompanied by a constant tension between the Jewish minority and the non-Jewish majority. A literary anecdote that illustrates well this tension is provided by the Russian author Nikolai Gogol in his Cossack story Taras Bulba. Every Cossack camp had a contingent of Jews, who were despised by the Cossacks but usually tolerated because the Jews always were ready to sell the Cossacks anything they might want, especially liquor. Selling liquor to the Cossacks was a hazardous occupation for the Jews, however, because every so often the Cossacks’ dislike of the Jews would exceed the limits of their tolerance, and then a general de-Judaizing of the Cossack camp would ensue. In Taras Bulba, the Jewish camp-followers were all thrown into a nearby river and drowned, except for one who hid under a wagon.

And this amusing anecdote was mirrored on a larger scale in every European country throughout the Middle Ages. The Jews would gradually infiltrate a country and then in their inimitable way take over certain facets of the economy: the trade in alcoholic beverages, inn keeping, prostitution, and moneylending were the most common. When they were not prohibited by law from doing so, they monopolized the trade in White slaves. At the same time they were acquiring the wealth of the peasants and the craftsmen and the bourgeoisie in this way, they would buy protection from the aristocracy by financing wars, by serving as tax collectors, by giving financial advice, and so on. This modus vivendi often resulted in the Jews being wealthier, on theaverage, than the Gentiles among whom they lived, but their wealth never bought them acceptance or respectability. They always were despised social outcasts, so different from the host population that comparisons were meaningless, and in most countries, at least prior to the 19th century, they were not even citizens, because citizenship was based on blood, on tribal connections, on race.

Just as with the Cossacks, the citizenry eventually would become exasperated with the Jews and rise up against them. The king or duke or what have you would decide that he didn’t need the services of his Jewish tax collectors enough to put up with rioting, and so in order to quell the public unrest and disorder he would undertake a general expulsion of all the Jews from his realm. This happened in every European country at least once, and in several of them it happened more than once, because a generation or so after being expelled the Jews would come sneaking back in again, and the process would repeat itself.

In any case, I don’t think that it is correct to say that the Jews proved themselves more fit than we or superior to us in any general sense. In only one characteristic were the Jews superior: namely, in their amazing ability to acquire money. Otherwise, our race did an overall better job of surviving. We excelled in every other field of endeavor, in all the arts of war and peace: in literature, in engineering, in painting and sculpture and astronomy, in building cities and roads and exploring new lands. To say that the Jew was superior because he was richer is like saying that the tick on the dog’s back is superior to the dog because the tick is fatter. The dog does many things well; the tick only sucks blood.

Well, I have been talking about the state of affairs prior to the 19th century. This is the 21st century. We are rapidly being driven into extinction while the Jew oversees the process and becomes fatter than ever. What happened to change our fitness relative to that of the Jew? How did our society change from one with a proud and masterful spirit, a masculine spirit, to one with a feminine, submissive spirit? How did we lose our aristocratic pride in being independent and self-sufficient and learn instead the servile ways of the democrat, looking to the government to protect us and provide for us in return for our taxes and our votes? What happened to our tribal consciousness, to our pride of race? Why do so many of us feel that we should apologize for being White? How did we lose control of our women? A century ago we would not have considered for a second permitting our women to consort with Negroes, even if they had had the inclination to do so. What took away our self-confidence and put us on the defensive?

People change over the course of generations. Races change as breeding patterns change, and certainly the welfare state and racial mixing have caused a certain decline in racial quality, but this biological change has been relatively small, and it’s not the principal reason for our present jeopardy. We are essentially the same race we were a century ago, biologically speaking. So how did we lose our pride and our uprightness and become such a disgusting mob of egalitarians, oblivious of the future and willing to tolerate everything?

The basic answer is that the great mass of our people are neither good nor evil, neither greatspirited nor petty, neither heroic nor cowardly and self-indulgent, neither loyal nor disloyal, neither upright nor tolerant of depravity and crookedness; they are neutral. Every quality in them is only latent, waiting to be evoked and made manifest by an external force. Everything is a question of leadership, of guidance, of the example that is set for them. With good leaders, with wise and strong leadership, with honest and racially conscious leadership, the best qualities latent in a people, in a nation, in a race are evoked and made manifest. With heroic leadership, with great leadership, a whole people — lemmings and all — can be called to greatness and heroism, if those qualities are latent in them — and those qualities are still latent in our people, despite present appearances.

We have had a catastrophic failure of leadership. Why? Well, for one thing, democracy is not conducive to great leadership, even under the best of circumstances. A more relevant answer is that democracy in the age of television, with the television under the control of our hereditary enemies, is an unmitigated disaster. I’m using the term “television” to stand for all of the controlled mass media, of course. We are headed for extinction now, not because we have been conquered by a non-White army in the way that some of the White peoples of central and eastern Europe were conquered by Huns and Mongols and Turks during the Middle Ages, before other White peoples brought the conquerors to a halt and then rolled them back. The Black assaults on our people, the invasion by Mexicans and Asians, are not threatening our survival because these non-Whites are superior to us in any sense of the word. These non-Whites are threatening our survival only because we have lost our will to resist, only because we have been morally crippled, only because we have lost our pride and our self-confidence and our tribal consciousness, and ultimately it is television in the hands of the Jews that has morally crippled us.

I suppose that’s a bit of an oversimplification. The public schools and the universities also condition our people morally for extinction, and so do the Christian churches. But ultimately it is the Jewish control of the mass media that has poisoned these institutions and changed the way in which they condition our people. After all, most educators — which is to say, most teachers and most school administrators — are as much lemmings as the rest of the population, as much susceptible to what comes from their television screens as are those Americans who are not educators. And so are the Christian preachers and priests and church administrators; Christian doctrine has proved to be amazingly flexible in adapting itself to changing political fashions. So at this time we are heading toward extinction because we lack leadership, and the Jews are taking advantage of this lack of leadership to pump us full of spiritual poison through their control of the mass media, essentially paralyzing our will to resist their takeover of our society. What does this say about our fitness? Many people believe — and I have said this myself — that White people are especially susceptible to the Jewish spiritual poison. Can Blacks and mestizos and Asians be made to feel racial guilt and self-hatred the way Whites can? Well, probably not in exactly the same way, but I would be surprised if they turned out notto be susceptible to psychological manipulation at all. Every race must have a lemming majority in order to be stable and survive. I suspect that if the people who control the mass media put their minds to it they could condition Blacks or Vietnamese to hate themselves and engage in self-destructive behavior too, just as they have conditioned us, although probably the details of the conditioning would be different.

We were fit three thousand years ago when we lived in an environment that did not include Jews. Even in Europe when Jews were present we eventually developed antibodies against them that allowed us to survive. We forced them to live more like inactive spores than like active pathogens. Unfortunately, the early settlers of North America did not bring enough of those antibodies with them. When the spores began to break open in Europe during the 19th century — and even earlier in England — we were less able to resist the Jews than we were during the Middle Ages. When we had built a new and increasingly prosperous civilization in North America and the Jews began coming in during the last part of the 19th century we had almost no resistance to the infection. Letting Jews into the United States was like giving smallpox-infected blankets to the Indians. They used us to break down the Old Order in Europe with two ruinous, fratricidal world wars. Then the advent of television at the end of the Second World War gave them the genocidal weapon they needed to finish us off.

We are fit when we live in an environment without Jews. We can whip every other race with both hands tied behind our backs. With Jews we are like a dog infested with disease-carrying ticks. If the dog can get rid of the ticks soon enough he will survive. If he doesn’t get rid of the ticks they eventually will cause him to die. Does this mean that the ticks are more fit and more deserving of survival than the dog? I wouldn’t say so, but clearly the dog must do something about the ticks — soon. And we must do something about the Jews — soon. And clearly the key to getting the Jews off our backs is to regain control of our mass media.

Well, we really haven’t decided anything new today. Nevertheless, I think it’s helpful to understand the dynamics of the process that is carrying us to our extinction. It’s helpful to understand that the fact that mestizos are pouring across our southern border without opposition says nothing about our fitness relative to that of mestizos. The fact that Blacks are taking over our cities, terrorizing our schools, and running off with our women says nothing about our fitness relative to that of Blacks. The whole war for survival is between us and the Jews. Once we’ve taken their control of television away from the Jews, we’ve won the war. We’ll sweep the Blacks and the mestizos and the mongrels away in a matter of days. It will be messy, but there’s no doubt as to who will win.