Skinheads and the Law

I’VE BEEN SPEAKING recently with members of two quite distinct segments of our society, and I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learned. The two segments are policemen and skinheads. These two groups ought to have a certain sympathy for each other, because they’ve experienced certain… Read More

Proving White is Black

I have written before about the breakdown of the judicial system in this country. Right after the O.J. Simpson trial last year I pointed out that the courts in America have become terminally corrupt. I gave you an example of this corruption: the 1992 trial of a young White man… Read More

Racial Fitness and Survival

During the last sever our people, which have been covered up deliberately by the controlled news media so that the Jewish media bosses can more easily maintain their deception that so-called “hate crime” is primarily a matter of heterosexual White males preying on non-Whites, homosexuals, and members of other officially… Read More

The Morality of the Immigration Problem

If you live in any large city on the East Coast or the West Coast or in Texas, you know that immigration is a problem which is destroying America. Actually, there are many other parts of the country where the destructive effects of the government’s current immigration policies are obvious.… Read More

Get Ready for War

Mr. Clinton has chosen the members of his government who will have charge of America’s national security during his second term. They are Madeleine Albright as secretary of state, William Cohen as secretary of defense, Samuel Berger as chairman of the National Security Council, and Richard Holbrooke as ambassador to… Read More

On Church Goers

After last week’s broadcast, “The Jewish Problem,” in which I made some unflattering comments about churchgoers — I also referred to them as “hymn-singers” — several listeners suggested that I am anti-Christian. Others said that even if I’m not anti-Christian I shouldn’t criticize Christians,because we Whites need to stick together,… Read More

The Criminal in the White House

In my broadcast three weeks ago I referred briefly to Mr. Clinton’s sale of plots in Arlington National Cemetery to his friends and supporters. I didn’t go into detail, because I hoped that the controlled media would cover this particular scandal. I’ve always considered my job to be covering the… Read More

Hope for the Future

When I talk with people in the United States about the problems our country is facing and about the need to organize everyone of good will into an effective force for dealing with these problems, the most common complaint I hear is: “People don’t care.” Or: “People are afraid to… Read More

Thoughts on Discrimination

A lot of crazy things are going on these days, some of which strike us as more obviously crazy than others. One of the more obviously crazy things which has come to my attention recently is a fight between two associations of high school wrestling coaches and referees in Texas… Read More

Time of the Bonfire

Everyone has heard about the three White teenagers in Michigan who hopped a freight train, accidentally got off in a Black neighborhood in the city of Flint, and were attacked by a gang of Blacks while trying to find a telephone so they could call their parents. The Blacks beat… Read More

The Meaning of Democracy

As November approaches, the controlled news media are focusing the attention of Americans more and more on that quadrennial ritual of our democracy: choosing a new Maximum Leader to occupy the big, white fortress on Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years. They’re working hard to make us all… Read More

The Conspiracy

Let’s talk today about conspiracy. That’s a subject I usually stay away from. The reason I don’t like to talk much about conspiracy is that there are a great many right-wing nuts in America who believe that everything is the result of a conspiracy, and I don’t want to sound… Read More

Understanding Our Enemies

I spoke a couple of months ago about the exploitation by the government and the media of Black church burnings. I discussed the way in which the Clinton administration and the controlled news media were claiming these burnings were the work of organized White racists, without a shred of evidence… Read More

Toward a Healthy Society

The recent mass suicide of 39 members of a flaky, New Age religious cult in southern California has generated a great deal of media speculation and discussion of the cult phenomenon. There seems to be a general agreement that as we approach the end of this millennium cult membership and… Read More

What Liberals Don’t Understand

I was watching the television news one evening several weeks ago, and Bill Clinton came on and made a few comments about the rash of burnings of Black churches across the South. Mr. Clinton announced that he knew that White racism was responsible for the burnings. Organized hatred was behind… Read More

The Psychology of Political Correctness

Today I’ll discuss something I’ve discussed earlier, but it’s very important and is worth talking about over and over: having the courage to speak up for what we believe. Courage of this sort — moral courage — has always been important, but now, with the enemies of our people pushing… Read More

Hate Mail

My organization, the National Alliance, concerns itself with all things relevant to the welfare and progress of the European peoples, the White people of this earth. We are advocates for all things which could be beneficial to our people, and we are opponents of all the influences and tendencies and… Read More

The Peace Process

For several weeks prior to the election of a new prime minister in Israel, the Israeli election campaign was a major story in all of the news media in the United States. Who will it be: Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Beirut, who as Israel’s defense minister arranged and facilitated… Read More

The Feminization of America

I always have been very fond of women — perhaps too much sometimes. I always have enjoyed their company greatly. I have really worshipped feminine beauty. I have admired and respected women when they have served their purpose in the life of our people, as much as I have admired… Read More