Skinheads and the Law

I’VE BEEN SPEAKING recently with members of two quite distinct segments of our society, and I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learned. The two segments are policemen and skinheads.

These two groups ought to have a certain sympathy for each other, because they’ve experienced certain things, learned at first hand certain things about the society we live in, that most of us haven’t. But I’ve found that for the most part they have very little sympathy for one another, and in fact quite a bit of antipathy. We’ll explore together the reasons for this antipathy. Let’s start with the skinheads. They’re young White people, most of them in their teens and twenties, most of them working class. Many of them have tattoos. They usually have very short haircuts. Many of them wear a distinctive type of work boot. Some also wear suspenders. The tattoos, haircuts, boots, and suspenders are almost like a uniform, a sort of club insignia. Nevertheless, there’s quite a lot of individual variation among them. For some, being a skinhead is a sort of hobby, a part-time recreational activity. For others, it’s a serious, full-time commitment.

The skinhead movement began in Britain more than 20 years ago. It had become a fashion there among some groups of young factory workers to shave their heads, because they had to keep their hair cut short anyway in order to avoid getting it caught in the machinery. As racial, social, and economic conditions in Britain deteriorated, these young, White factory workers were among the hardest hit.

Specifically, because of an open-door immigration policy backed by Jews and liberals, many of Britain’s cities were being flooded by non-White immigrants from Asia and the Caribbean. The government in Britain, just like the government in the United States, was providing subsidized housing for these non-Whites and giving them preference in hiring. This policy caused the unemployment rate among young British workers to go up. The non-Whites also brought crime and a number of other social and cultural problems with them.

Just as in America, there was a code of Political Correctness observed by the controlled media and the government. Under this code, non-Whites could do no wrong. Whenever there was a conflict between Whites and non-Whites, the Whites were blamed. Young Whites felt abandoned by their government. With a high unemployment rate, very limited prospects for improvement, and the breakup and destruction of their ancestral communities, they saw no future for themselves. Banding together and adopting a characteristic manner of dress and grooming was their way of asserting themselves and finding an identity. They were young, White, working class, and alienated. They were the original skinheads.

The skinhead culture spread to the United States, because the same social and racial decay and the same abandonment of young, working-class Whites by the government and other institutions exist here. In our large cities, with their heavy concentrations of non-Whites, many young Whites turn to the skinhead movement for a sense of security. As members of skinhead groups they don’t feel so alone and helpless. Other than their desire to band together and find a sense of identity — and sometimes security — skinheads don’t have as much in common as the controlled media would have us believe. Some skinhead groups spend a lot of their time in mindless drinking and brawling. Others believe in clean living, and fight only when attacked. Some skinheads use drugs, but most don’t. And while many skinheads in the United States have no racial consciousness, no sense of racial identity or loyalty, a growing minority of them are consciously and even outspokenly pro-White. Some of these refer to themselves as White power skinheads.

One attitude common to most skinheads is a strong dislike for government and the police. In part this is the consequence of the police reaction to the lawlessness of many skinheads. The police are not inclined to make distinctions between the clean-living skinheads and those who engage in drunken brawling. When the police see tattoos, short hair, and Doc Marten boots, they see trouble, and they tend therefore to take a very hostile and aggressive attitude toward any skinhead they meet. The skinheads who try to stay out of trouble resent this presumption of guilt. They resent having their rights violated by the police, just because some skinheads are lawbreakers.

Beyond this reaction to police prejudice against them, there is the more fundamental attitude among skinheads that they have been abandoned by the rest of the White society, and so they aren’t as inclined to give blind respect and obedience to that society’s institutions. Skinheads living in America’s minority-ridden cities know what the public schools have become. They also know that the mainstream society insists on pretending that everything is still A-OK. Of course, there’s talk by the controlled media about how standards have fallen in the schools, and about how big the problems of drugs and violence in the schools have become, but there’s no mention at all of the cause of these problems, which is the fact that the schools are no longer White. No one will mention the problem of race in the schools, because he’s afraid of being attacked by the controlled media as a racist.

Wealthy White parents get around the problem by sending their sons and daughters to exclusive private schools. Middle-class parents alleviate the problem by moving to the suburbs, so their children can go to somewhat safer — which is to say, Whiter — schools. White working-class kids are left to fend for themselves. No one else will stand up for them. They see the hypocrisy and the cowardice on the part of their elders, and it does not tend to increase their respect for authority, whether that authority is represented by the police or by school officials, who always blame them rather than the Blacks when there is a clash between Whites and Blacks.

Policemen, on the other hand, tend to respect authority. People who choose to go into police work tend to have a more authoritarian personality than the average person. They instinctively resent people who don’t play by the standard rules. They don’t like boat-rockers. They don’t like non-conformists. They don’t like people with a different life-style. And probably that’s the way it ought to be — within limits. The police, after all, have the job of protecting society. We want them to have their hearts in their job.

The problem is that many of the authorities in America have become corrupt. Some of those authorities have become a much greater threat to our society than the criminals the police are hired to protect us from. I’ll give you an example that pertains directly to skinheads. The Jews, both in this country and in Europe where the skinhead movement originated, have viewed that movement with fear and loathing from the beginning, because it was beyond their control. Young working-class Whites weren’t supposed to fight back against the Jewish policies and programs which were aimed at the destruction of White society and eventually the destruction of the White race. They were supposed to roll over and play dead. They were supposed to become Politically Correct, like so many middle-class kids who went off to college. The Jews fought back against the skinhead movement at two levels. First they tried to subvert it. They sponsored groups such as Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, which is known by its acronym SHARP. They encouraged drug usage among skinheads. They encouraged rap music and racial mixing. Despite these Jewish efforts at subversion, however, racial consciousness among skinheads has continued to grow.

Then the Jews tried to brainwash the public against skinheads through their controlled media. They produced a number of made-for-TV films in Hollywood which portrayed skinheads as hateful, depraved, and dangerous. You may have seen some of these films. A few titles from the last few years were Skinheads — the Second Coming of Hate — that’s the first one I remember seeing — and then there were Dead Bang, and So Proudly We Hail. These hatemongering films contained the same sort of distortion and deceit as the films the Jews have been turning out for decades to make the Germans of the Second World War era look hateful and depraved.

At the same time a number of Jewish propaganda organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Klanwatch, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, began offering their services to police departments around the country as experts on what they like to call hate crimes and hate groups. All of these Jewish propaganda organizations are well-connected politically, and so they can approach police departments draped in the false cloak of authority. They offer seminars and training programs to the police, supposedly to teach them about the dangers represented by skinheads and to sensitize them to the needs of minorities.

The result of all of this is that the police get a very prejudiced view of skinheads before they ever meet one. Along with the very real lawlessness and disorder on the part of many skinheads, this prejudice practically guarantees that the police and the skinheads will despise each other. And that’s too bad.

It’s too bad, because the police, like the skinheads, are exposed every day to the filth and degeneracy that are taking over our whole society. Most middle-class folks are able to evade the crime and, more than that, the awful reality of what America has become in this Jewish effort to multiculturalize us. They know that there are certain parts of town where they must not go after dark, other areas where if their cars break down even in the daytime they will be in grave danger. They learn the rules for survival. They move to the suburbs. And they pray that the city won’t follow them there. They pray that the gangs and the drive-by shootings won’t come to their neighborhood. They pray that their children won’t get hooked on drugs. They pray that their daughters won’t get pregnant. And they ignore the filth. They pretend that it doesn’t exist. They don’t want to be considered racists.

And for the most part they survive. And when the filth does catch up with the middle class, it’s usually only individuals who get hurt: a White family which gets pulled down into the filth here, a young woman there, a teenaged boy somewhere else. The rest can go on pretending that it didn’t happen, that everything is still OK — at least, for the time being. But the police know that things are not OK. They have to deal with the filth every day. They can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. They know that it can be evaded only temporarily. They know that it is growing and that it eventually will follow everyone to the suburbs. They know that it must be fought and destroyed, or it will destroy all of us. The racially conscious skinheads understand this too. That’s what they have in common with the police. And the hour is too late for any of the segments of our people who understand this to be fighting against each other. We need to be standing together, all of us, against the common enemy.

Of course, it’s easy to say this, but very difficult to put it into practice. There remains the problem of the drunkenness and lawlessness of many skinheads. We cannot condone drunkenness or mindless brawling or vandalism or drug use, even if we understand the reasons for this behavior, even if we understand that skinheads are alienated from this society because of what it has become.

What we have to do is encourage in every way we can the growth of the racially conscious portion of the skinhead community. We have to give young people back their sense of identity. We have to give them purpose and direction again. We have to help them value self-discipline and clean living again. This is one of the tasks the National Alliance has set for itself. Of course, it is precisely the racially conscious portion of the skinhead community which the Jews hate and fear. The Jewish propaganda organizations don’t care at all about skinhead drinking and brawling, but they’re scared to death of the skinheads finding a sense of racial identity and a purpose and cleaning themselves up and working for a common goal. And so it is specifically the racially conscious skinheads against whom these Jewish organizations like B’nai B’rith indoctrinate and prejudice the police.

This police prejudice is bad enough, but it is compounded in all too many cases by police corruption, by police who behave in a hostile and aggressive way toward skinheads, even to the point of violating the law themselves, because they know that the skinheads are out of favor with the political power structure and the controlled media, and these policemen want to ingratiate themselves with their superiors. I’m aware of cases where the police have arrested young Whites, then put them in large cells with a number of Black criminals and deliberately incited the Blacks to attack and sodomize them. Perhaps the police believe that they will receive some sort of multiculturalism award from the B’nai B’rith for such atrocious behavior.

So we have an educational job to do on our policemen as well as on skinheads. Ultimately we need to get rid of the corrupt cops just as much as we need to get rid of drunken, tattooed brawlers. Most of all we need to get rid of those who have corrupted the cops and who also have designed — deliberately designed — the social conditions which have robbed so many of our young people of hope for the future and of a pride in their identity, leading them to adopt an antisocial and self-destructive life-style. Unfortunately, the National Alliance lacks the means at this time for cleaning up our police departments or our youth as a whole. We also lack the means to prevent the Jews from continuing their destructive policies for the time being. But we can educate. We can continue reaching at least that portion of our youth who have become racially conscious and are looking for the right direction. And hopefully we can help some of our uncorrupted policemen to understand that not every Politically Incorrect young person is a trouble-maker.

Some people ask me: Why do you bother with skinheads at all? Isn’t it better to try to reach the kids in the universities? After all, it’s the kids in the universities who one day will be in the decision-making positions in the educational establishment, in business, in the military, in industry, and even in government agencies. Those are the ones whose thinking you need to influence now.

And, of course, they’re right — at least, partly right. The kids with the tattoos are pretty well locked out of the decision-making process. It’ll take a revolution to change that. We do need to influence the kids in the universities, and we’re working on that.

But when I compare the average university student of today with the average skinhead, I am troubled by two things. The first thing is that most of the White university students have not had the close contact with racial reality that skinheads have had. The average White university student has not had to fight physically for his survival. He has never been threatened with a knife by a Black thug or been beaten up by a Black gang. He has never been tear-gassed or hit with a nightstick. He has never been thrown in jail. His understanding of the racial problem is only theoretical. His understanding of the corruption of our society and our government is only theoretical. We need people who understand from personal experience just how bad things have become in America, who understand just how dangerous the situation is — people who have learned how to hate evil from the bottom of their guts and who are willing to do whatever is necessary to destroy that evil before it destroys all of us.

The second thing which troubles me is the relatively few White students in our universities who have any real manliness in their characters. We have too many whiners and wimps, too much timidity, too much softness. Certainly not all White university students are wimps, but far too many are, and on the average they do not compare well with the skinheads in this regard. If America is to be saved, if our people are to be saved, we need men and women who are intelligent and educated and disciplined, but we also need men and women who are tough and hard and brave. We need the best of the university students, the best of the university professors, the best of the policemen — and we need the best of the skinheads. We need the best people from every sector of White society, standing together and fighting together, if any of us are to have a future.