The Criminal in the White House

In my broadcast three weeks ago I referred briefly to Mr. Clinton’s sale of plots in Arlington National Cemetery to his friends and supporters. I didn’t go into detail, because I hoped that the controlled media would cover this particular scandal. I’ve always considered my job to be covering the subjects that the controlled media refuse to cover.

Well, I’ve waited three weeks, and although there has been a little news released on this subject, it’s been nowhere near enough. They briefly mentioned the especially shocking case of Larry Lawrence, and now it looks as if they’re going to drop the subject and hope that the public forgets about it. So let me remind you of the details of the Larry Lawrence case. He was a filthyrich Jewish real estate developer, with $300 million in the bank, who died of cancer in January 1996, at the age of 69. During the Second World War Lawrence had dodged the draft, just as Bill Clinton did during the Vietnam war. Much of Lawrence’s real estate was in San Diego, however. And San Diego — at least White, non-Mexican, San Diego — is a military town.

Lawrence was rankled by the fact that he could not break into San Diego’s good society, no matter how much money he accumulated. The reason was undoubtedly Lawrence’s extraordinarily loud and pushy Jewishness. Even his best friends describe him as exceptionally obnoxious. But Lawrence thought that the problem was his lack of military service, so he invented a war record for himself. He claimed he had served in the merchant marine during the Second World War and had been seriously wounded when his ship was torpedoed. He also gave lots of money to the Democratic Party: $10 million altogether. He gave $200,000 specifically to get Bill Clinton elected in 1992.

That got him all the invitations to the White House he wanted. And he reciprocated by inviting the Clintons to lavish parties at his San Diego mansion. He and Bill Clinton became bosom buddies. And when the end began approaching in 1995, Lawrence decided that he deserved to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, alongside America’s military heroes. His donations to the Clinton campaign entitled him to it. That, he thought, would show those stuffy admirals in San Diego who had never accepted him socially.

Mr. Clinton agreed that his fellow draft-dodger had paid enough to his election campaign to earn himself a place in Arlington National Cemetery. Now, the Army, which has charge of the cemetery, checks the credentials of people who want to be buried there. They checked Lawrence’s claims of World War Two service and found no record of him at all. They told that to the State Department, but the State Department is very heavily staffed with Larry Lawrence’s fellow tribesmen, and they told the Army to try again to find some grounds for burying Lawrence in Arlington National Cemetery. The Army, which just didn’t get it, checked all of Lawrence’s claims again and reported to Lawrence’s kinsmen in the State Department a second time that they could find no record of military service for Lawrence. Exasperated at the Army’s obtuseness and lack of sensitivity in the matter, Lawrence’s Jewish kinsman Richard Holbrooke, who was assistant secretary of state at the time, wrote a letter to the White House praising Lawrence and saying that a burial for him at Arlington National Cemetery would be appropriate. That was what Bill Clinton was waiting to hear, and he presided over Lawrence’s burial at Arlington National Cemetery himself and delivered the eulogy personally. And the matter would have rested there, like so many other pieces of official crookedness, had not a few Republicans in the Congress got wind of the matter, dug up the facts, and begun publicizing them. Since then a few newspapers have reported the Lawrence affair, but they have been quite restrained in their comments. They seem to be a bit embarrassed about it, and one gets the impression that they are hoping that the public interest in it will fade soon. And Lawrence’s family and the government have quietly, but very hastily, yanked his remains and his elaborate tombstone, complete with its Star of David, from the cemetery. The Jews, perhaps realizing the potential for causing themselves real damage, have been uncharacteristically discreet in this matter, carefully avoiding the usual screeching about “anti-Semitism.”

Mr. Clinton, naturally, professes both ignorance and innocence in the matter. He didn’t know his Jewish friend and financial supporter was a draft-dodger who had invented a war record for himself, he says. Mr. Clinton also has professed complete ignorance of the organized crime connections of another of his rich Jewish supporters, Vadim Rabinovich. Rabinovich, who is a member of the Jewish mafia in the former Soviet Union, is supposed to be excluded from entry to the United States because of his criminal connections. Somehow the State Department failed to keep him out, and in 1995 he was photographed shaking hands with Clinton at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Miami. When the matter was brought to the attention of the news media this month, Rabinovich was described by the media as “a Ukrainian businessman.” No mention at all was made of his Jewishness.

Why don’t you ask some of your Ukrainian friends whether or not Rabinovich is a typical Ukrainian name? The same deceit and crookedness are at work here which lead the controlled media always to refer to “the Russian mafia” or “Russian mobsters” and never to mention the word “Jew” in connection with the growing presence of Jewish organized crime both here and in the former Soviet Union.

Anyway, as I said, Mr. Clinton now claims he didn’t know his Jewish supporter Rabinovich is a gangster who wasn’t even supposed to be in the United States. Nobody told him, he says. Mr. Clinton also claims not to have known that his closest friend and biggest supporter in Arkansas, Dan Lasater, was a cocaine dealer, a gangster, and a pimp. He also claims not to have known that his own brother Roger was dealing cocaine right out of the governor’s mansion in Little Rock when Clinton was the governor of Arkansas.

We would not have known about the activities of either Lasater or Clinton’s brother, had they not both been convicted of drug dealing and sent to prison. And we would not have known about Larry Lawrence’s fraud or Mr. Clinton’s support by the Jewish mafia in Ukraine and Russia, had not a few of Clinton’s Republican opponents, with the resources as well as the motive to dig out the facts, exposed them. The media certainly weren’t too eager to tell us about any of these things.

You remember the way the controlled media dealt with the allegations that Bill Clinton had used illegal drugs? They had him laughingly admit that, yes, he had tried marijuana once, back during his reckless youth in the 1960s — but he hadn’t inhaled, he said. That’s the media image of Clinton presented to the public: not quite perfect, not a saint, but a man honest enough to admit to us his essentially harmless, youthful indiscretions. Let me tell you about Bill Clinton and illegal drugs: In the 1980s, when he was the governor of Arkansas, not in the 1960s, but just 10 years ago, Bill Clinton was a regular user of cocaine. Dozens of witnesses have given sworn depositions about Clinton’s cocaine use. But the controlled media have kept this covered up. Furthermore, Clinton, unlike his brother and many of his friends, never has been prosecuted for his illegal use of drugs.

And this Clinton drug usage is not an innocent, recreational sort of thing. It is a criminal activity,it is an immoral activity, it is a socially destructive activity, and it is a profoundly unpatriotic activity. The drug trade corrupts our society and our government, and it destroys people’s lives. The cocaine that Governor Bill Clinton snorted in Little Rock, Arkansas, had been smuggled into this country. Public officials had been bribed. Law enforcement had been corrupted. People had been murdered to protect the profits of the smugglers, and some of these smugglers were Clinton’s personal friends and associates. Bill Clinton knew all of this. And he knew it was illegal; the man is a lawyer. He also understood the moral significance of his participation in the cocaine trade just as he understood that his brother Roger was a cocaine dealer and his good Jewish friend Larry Lawrence was no war hero.

Bill Clinton is a criminal — not in a loose, figurative sort of way, but in a very precise and definite way. He is a man who ought to be in prison. In fact, prison is too good for him. But he’s not in prison. He’s in the White House. He’s running around the country giving speeches about reducing hatred and violence in America, and the controlled news media are treating this activity all very seriously, quoting from his speeches — while keeping very quiet about things like his sale of cemetery plots and his connections with Jewish gangsters. They are helping to maintain the pretense that he deserves respect, as the President of the United States.

How did this happen to us? How did this happen to America? The complete answer to that question is a long, sad story. I’ve answered parts of the question in several of these American Dissident Voices broadcasts, and I’ll answer other parts in future broadcasts. For now I’ll just say that American society has been undergoing a process of decay for a long time. Our ancestors who came over here from England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, and other European countries and took this continent away from the Indians were serious, upright, self-respecting people. They believed in individual responsibility, the rule of law, and fair play. They believed that the government ought to leave a man alone as much as possible, and that men ought to behave themselves decently and honestly. If they didn’t, they ought to be dealt with quickly and sternly, but fairly. People who went into government service were respected, but they were held to a strict code of conduct.

Lawyers were perhaps never really trusted, but judges were. Judges were expected to be fair and honest. So were policemen. There are a few areas of the United States today where one can still witness these old attitudes, standards, and ways of doing things: perhaps in the Dakotas and the nearby states, where nearly all of the settlers were Scandinavians or Germans and where immigration hasn’t destroyed what the settlers and their descendents have built. But with changing immigration, and with a more numerous population, most of our country has changed. It has developed more of a Latin flavor. Instead of respect for individual sovereignty and the rule of law, there was a shift toward patronage, networking, and “good ol’ boy” personal relationships.

Gradually things moved toward a situation where what a man could get away with depended more on his connections than on the law. Judges, sheriffs, and police commissioners became as corrupt as other politicians. The amount of attention that the police paid to a complaint depended more than anything else on who was making the complaint and against whom it was being made. The outward forms were maintained — the outward appearance of law and justice and propriety remained — but inside things became rotten.

This is pretty much the way things had become in the state of Arkansas when Bill Clinton began his political career. There were still a lot of decent folks in Arkansas, but the political system hadfallen into the hands of a network of good ol’ boys and a few rich Jews. And unfortunately that’s also the way it has become throughout large areas of the United States. And that’s the way it is everywhere in Latin America — and throughout the Third World. American politics and American government had become enough like those of a banana republic by the time Bill Clinton appeared on the scene that there was almost a perfect match between the man and the system.

Bill Clinton is an intelligent man, and he is a consummate actor: very, very slick. If he hadn’t gone into politics, he could have had a successful career in Hollywood. I personally believe that what tilted him toward politics is his fundamental crookedness. In some people there’s a perverse streak which gives them pleasure in deceiving others, in putting something over on other people. Now, one can do that in a sense as an actor, but it’s not real; it’s only make-believe. In politics the deception is real: it has real consequences and is therefore more satisfying to its practitioners. In any event, the good ol’ boys running the system in Arkansas liked what they saw in Clinton, and Clinton liked the drugs, women, partying, and money that the good ol’ boys in Arkansas made available to him. Furthermore, Clinton had learned very early in life about the power of the Jews, and he was determined to turn this power to his advantage. Jews aren’t really noticeable in Arkansas politics like they are in New York politics or California politics, but Clinton noticed them, and from his earliest days in politics he tried to make himself especially useful to Jews, and in turn he began accumulating a circle of Jewish supporters and advisers. Today his administration reflects this support. It is more heavily Jewish than that of any other President in U.S. history.

Despite the exceptionally strong Jewish flavor of the Clinton administration, what has happened to America is not tied uniquely to Bill Clinton or to Arkansas politics or even to the Democratic Party. The whole country is infected, both major parties are infected, and every major politician is infected, to a greater or lesser extent. The infection has spread to the extent that the system canno longer cure itself but will require an outside force. This may sound like a pessimistic analysis, but there are several bright spots in the picture. First, the system is not really monolithic. A lot of individual politicians — and others — are drawing their sustenance from the system, and there is fierce competition for a good spot at the feeding trough. It is the competition between Democrats and Republicans which led to the exposure of the Arlington National Cemetery scandal and to the exposure of Clinton’s ties to the Jewish mafia.

This competition may very well bring down the Clinton government during the next couple of years. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we can expect a fundamentally better government with a Republican in the White House. The one thing which holds the whole system together and plays a big role in giving it its enduring odor, is the Jewish control of the news and entertainment media. It is the role of the media, in fact, which is the key to our whole problem in trying to cure our society and make it healthy again.

Another bright spot is that in order to maintain itself, the system must continue to deceive the public, because there is still a very substantial part of the American public which would not approve of the crookedness if they understood it. This is the one feature which makes our situation better than that of a banana republic. In a banana republic, the general population accepts the crookedness of the system. Everyone understands that what counts is whom you know and how big a bribe you can afford to pay. The crookedness is much more open. In the United States these things still have to be concealed. The difference is in the nature of the populations — which is essentially why the Jews and the other people who want the system to stay crooked are so strongly in favor of maintaining the flow of Third World immigrants into the United States.

Looking at our situation in the light of this banana republic analogy, one can almost appreciate Bill Clinton. We must have a public understanding of the nature of our problem before we can cure it. The crookedness must be exposed to public view. The Jewish media certainly don’t want to do that for us, but with someone like Bill Clinton in the White House they may not be able to help themselves. Clinton is such an extremist in his crookedness, he overreaches himself to such an extent, that it’s pretty hard for even his most Politically Correct admirers to fail to see the basic rottenness of the man. He’s gotten away with so much for so long, with his Jewish friends in the media covering for him, that he’s lost all sense of caution, all sense of limits. Really, only a man without any sense of limits could have gotten himself into the Paula Jones mess. And I think it will not be too long before all Americans realize that it is the Paula Jones affair which sets the tone for all of Bill Clinton’s activities, whether selling burial rights in Arlington National Cemetery or soliciting donations from Chinese and Jewish organized crime figures.